About Sol-Lusis

Sol-Lusis was founded in 2010 and is owned by Cris Destrijcker.  Cris is a master baker and earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.  He is a seasoned baking professional with more than 20 years of experience in international research & development, production, sales and management.

”Sol” refers to the chemical process of solution: a solute is dissolved in a solvent resulting in a homogeneous mixture: a solution.

“Lusis” is a term used by Aristotle in his Theory of Tragedy. It is the part of a tragedy following the dramatic climax in which all is unraveled and all is resolved: the solution.


About the owner

Cris Destrijcker combines a unique set of skills and knowledge.  He has practical experience in baking, knows
how to run an oven or bake bread or any other bakery product.  In addition he has thorough knowledge of the bakery industry: research & development processes, production management and know-how of the market.  Cris also has extensive experience with industrial bakery equipment and machines and the set-up of production lines.

Between 2001 and 2004, Cris successfully started his own donut factory with a capacity of 20.000 pcs per hour, which is now part of Vandemoortele NV.

Cris was born in 1966, graduated from the Bakery School PIVA in Antwerp in 1985 and obtained a graduate degree in biochemistry (microbiology) at the Horito College, Turnhout (Belgium).

Career overview:

  • Since 2010: Owner of Sol-Lusis
  • VANDEMOORTELE (R&D and Production, 2004-2010)
    • Purchase and Start-up second production line in Columbus Food
    • Development mini-donuts and dots
  • COLOMBUS FOOD (Owner/Manager, 2001-2004)
    • Start-up new 20,000 pieces/hour capacity donut factor
  • MACPHIE (Area Technical Manager, 2000-2001)
    • Sales and Technical Advisor for Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany
    • Start-up Multiple Production Lines e.g. cake, muffins, brownies, soft bread, fried products
  • BELLONA PATIS (Q&A Manager and Product Development, 1996-2000)
    • Production Follow-up
    • HACCP System setup
    • Cake donuts, yeast donuts, Berliners
  • PURATOS (Product Development Manager Baked Products, 1992-1996)
    • Powder mixes for sponge cake, cake, protein foam, muffins, etc.
    • Project management, innovation and quality courses
    • Raw Material and Machine Procurement
    • Close collaboration with production and laboratory (ISO 9002, HACCP)
    • New pie line and shoe paste start-up
  • DIAFARM (Technical Advisor, Sales Representative, 1991-1992)
  • DELACRE (Head Bakery Department, 1990-1991)

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