We will be delighted to review our products, projects and customer references with you in a personal discussion.

We have expertise in machines of multiple suppliers, including the most important market players:

  • spiral, double spiral, wendl, etc mixing machines
  • sheeted or lamination lines
  • extruder lines
  • rounders
  • fryers
  • cooling or freezing
  • chocolate machines: cooling tunnels, decoration, enrobing, temperation
  • packaging lines: blister, tray, flow pack, bulk …

We are proud of the wide range of mix creations and improvements

  • pancakes
  • cake mixes (e.g. carrot cake, cream cake, …)
  • muffins
  • brownies
  • custard cream (cold and hot)
  • sponge cake
  • donut
  • soft bread
  • waffles

Success Stories

These are a few examples of our implementations…

Pastry Line (up to 40000 pcs/h): croissants, chocolate rolls, ham & cheese latice, almond plates, swirl, …

Bread line (up to 3T/h): baguettes, pavé (square bread), bara gallega, cube breads, sptiz baguettes, ciabatta, kaizer, schnit brötchen, …

Frying line (36000 pcs/h): donut, donut holes, mini donut, berliner, …


Feel free to have a look at the following articles from the professional press (you will need a PDF reader):


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