Sol-Lusis provides total solutions in bakery: from creation of mixes to the installation of production lines, including packaging. We help innovate your production environment and deliver project and product management capacity for the short or the long term.

Bakery mixes and combinations

Sol-Lusis will help you improve or create different mixes. We will also advise on how to work with the mixes.

We can improve your existing mixes in

  • softness
  • freshness
  • volume
  • taste and more …

The mixes we create

  • are developed in line with the tradition and taste of your market
  • are adapted to the production environment.

Bakery production lines

Through the expert knowledge of existing bakery equipment and machinery, Sol-Lusis can help you with

  • selection of appropriate equipment (capacity, quality, …)
  • installation and adjustment of machines and equipment (kneading, mixing, baking, packaging, and more…)
  • advice and education on correct usage of equipment with given mixes
  • installation of new product lines
  • improvement, adaptation or renewal of existing production lines
  • process optimisation, technical analysis and quality control.

Customer types

We work with and for

  • small bakeries
  • semi-industrial bakeries
  • industrial bakeries

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